Beginner Quilting Skills

Beginner Quilting Skills


A Beginner skill level don't assume any quilting knowledge at all. You'll need to know how to use a sewing machine before you start an SCQ Beginner pattern, but that's about it! You can learn everything else from the tutorials below. (Get stuck along the way? Send me a message on Instagram and I'll help you through!) 


Want to make sure that you're ready to tackle a pattern? Each SCQ pattern contains a list of Required Skills. Find tutorials for "Beginner" skills below. 


The list below will grow as the SCQ pattern library expands.


Beginner Quilting Tutorials


  • Quilting Tools for Beginners - Coming Soon! 
  • How to Choose Quilting Fabric - Coming Soon! 

Making a Quilt Top

Finishing a Quilt

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