Quilt Commissions

economy block variation quilt from strawberry creek quilts

An economy block-variation quilt. Pattern by Allison Ramsing, sewn by Bhiravi Rathinasabapathi. 


I accept a small number of commissions each season. They are limited in number because every commission quilt is stitched with care. I cut hundreds, often thousands, of tiny pieces of fabrics and sew them together to create each quilt. The quilt top is then carefully layered together with the batting and backing fabric, and stitched together by hand or machine.
I sew traditional designs in contemporary color palettes. My goal is to rework generations-old blocks in a way that feels fresh, fun, and personalized.
I love the way that quilts are warmth, comfort, heirloom, art, and family history all wrapped into one. I try to bring all of these things to each one of my commission quilts. I hope your quilt will be something to last a lifetime, and even pass down to your family.



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Traditional Quilt Patterns

Below, I've curated a small selection of my favorite traditional, block-based quilts. I offer quilts based on any of these blocks, with customized color palettes. If you're interested in commissioning a quilt, I encourage you to look at the examples below and tell me if any of the designs call to you. 

historical quilt examples 1
(1) old maid's ramble; (2) bear paw;
(3) nine patch variation; (4) irish chain; (5) courthouse steps;
(6) log cabin; (7) shoo fly; (8) chimney sweep 
These are historical examples pulled from various museum collections. To learn more about these quilts, check the key for each image and follow links to the museum websites. 
historical quilt examples 2
(9) nine patch variation; (10) variable star; (11) bear paw;
(12) variable star; (13) broken dishes; (14) birds in flight;
(15) friendship block; (16) roman stripes;
(17) log cabin; (18) broken dishes


Modern Color Palettes

Color is a huge part of what makes a quilt feel fresh, contemporary, and personalized. Many traditional quilt patterns, and their modern variations, can be transformed by the right color palette. 

When you commission a quilt, we'll work together to create a custom color palette that reflects your sense of style, home decor, or personality.  


Pricing, Timeline & Inquiries

Quilts are priced based on size, material costs, and labor. These are my base fees: 

Baby - up to 40" x 40" -  Start at $300
Throw - up to 72" x 72" - Start at $850
Bed - up to 105" x 105" -  Start at $1500
There may be additional fees for more intricate quilts or hand work. I'll be able to provide exact pricing for your quilt once we discuss details of what you're looking for. 
Quilts typically take 8-12 weeks to finish. Please let me know if you have a specific deadline. 
All of my quilts are meant to be heirloom pieces that last a lifetime (or longer!). While taking care of your quilt with the provided care instructions will keep it in good shape, life happens. Stains, tears, and more -- if your quilt is ever damaged, send it to me and I will repair it free of charge. 
If you're interested in commissioning a quilt, you can contact me here to discuss further.


Clothing Commissions

I accept commissions on clothing. Clothes are made-to-order to your measurements, and I typically work off of indie patterns that will suit your style and needs. I'll grade between sizes and make basic adjustments, like leg or sleeve length. Because I'm not a tailor, I don't do extensive custom fitting or alterations. 

Clothing is priced based on cost of materials + labor fees. Please contact me if you're interested. 


Small Goods

I sell finished quilts and small handmade items through my online shop. If you'd like to commission something special, please reach out.