The Strawberry Creek Quilts Gift Guide - November 2021

The Strawberry Creek Quilts Gift Guide - November 2021

I'm releasing a new collection of handmade items this Wednesday, November 24th at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST. These items were made with holiday gifting in mind. In this gift guide, I'm showing you each item my collection + suggestions for gifting.

I'm linking to some of my favorite products for this gift guide, and I've used affiliate links where available. If you purchase through my links, I may earn a small commission. 


Mini Quilt Ornaments

Available ready-made here, or made-to-order here, $14. 

Perfect For: The Holiday Host

Pairs Well With: 

The Mini Pouch

Available here, $7. 

Perfect For: Neighbors, Teachers, and Coworkers

Pairs Well With: 

The Artist Pouch

Available here, $20. 

Perfect For: Artists, Students, Commuters, Stationary Lovers

Pairs Well With: 

The Traveler Pouch

Available here, $35.

Or, go with the slightly smaller Heavy Duty Pouch, available here, $20. 

Perfect For: Travelers, Parents On-The-Go

Pairs Well With: 

Catnip Hearts and Leaves

Available here (hearts) or here (leaves), $5.

Perfect For: Cats and Cat Lovers

Pairs Well With: 

Coaster Set

Available here, $25. 

Perfect For: Coffee Lovers, Cocktail Enthusiasts

Pairs Well With: 

Stripe Potholder

Available here, $25. 

Perfect For: The Home Cook

Pairs Well With: 

Flax Pillows

Available here, $15.

Perfect For: The Self-Care Enthusiast

Pairs Well With: 


Wall Hangings

Available here, $25. 

Perfect For: Young kids, holiday hosts, anyone with a light-and-airy home decor style

Pairs Well With: 


A Handmade Quilt

Perfect For: Anyone who will treasure a handmade heirloom.

Quilts make a great stand-alone gift, especially when welcoming new children to the family, or when celebrating a housewarming.

I currently have two quilts in my shop -- the Simple Stripes Quilt, $150, and the Cross Lake Quilt, $115. 

All quilts now ship free to US addresses! 

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