The Simple Stripes Quilt - Cover Quilt + Kits

The Simple Stripes Quilt - Cover Quilt + Kits

 Simple stripes quilt - baby size in Kona natural and charcoal

The Simple Stripes Quilt Pattern is now live in the shop! 

About the Simple Stripes Quilt 

The Simple Stripes Quilt is a minimalist pattern with a little something for everyone! This pattern was a true labor of love, and I can't wait to tell you all about it. 


The design challenge I set myself with this pattern was to create something that was extremely low waste. I won't call this quilt zero-waste -- it's not! -- but it will leave you with minimal leftover scrappage. Whether you make the baby size or the throw size, you'll end up with so little waste that it will easily fit in the palm of your hand! You'll end up with a few small squares of fabric (2 1/2" or less) and then anywhere from 1/2 inch to 4 inches of leftover yardage, depending on your particular fabric and quilt size. 
Now, even though this pattern is written with waste considerations first, I do love the bold minimal design. It's two-tone, and by varying the colors and textures of the fabric, you could make this quilt feel more rustic and natural, or more modish, or perhaps soft and sweet with pastels. 
The squares at the top and bottom of the quilt keep the eye moving and add just a touch of visual interest, while leaving the overall quilt feeling calm, clean, and neat. 


Let's talk piecing. 


The squares in this quilt are strip pieced, which means that assembly is super speedy. 


One of my baby testers and two of my throw testers pieced the entire quilt top in under three hours


If you're looking for a done-for-you pattern that you can whip up in an afternoon, for a baby shower or a last-minute gift, this is the pattern for you! 


And did I mention you can use jelly rolls for all of your strips?! 


For those of you who don't know, a jelly roll is a standard unit of precut fabric. It's usually 40 or so strips of fabric, 2 1/2" wide and 40-45 inches long. Make your Simple Stripes with a jelly roll or two, and you'll end up with an even faster, easier finish! 



The minimalist design provides a perfect background for some fancy quilting


If you want to create hand-quilted fans, like I did here, I have a tutorial available on the blog. You can also get my hand quilting toolkit and basic instructions if you need them! 


The neat lines of this quilt pattern would also play nicely with some free motion quilting, or intricate gridded machine quilting patterns



And maybe best of all, any quilter can make this pattern. 


This is a pattern intended for the absolute beginner. The cuts and seams are easy. The instructions are simple. There are no points to be matched, and no hard concepts to wrap your mind around. For those quilters who have never made a quilt or even a block before, the pattern links out to step-by-step photo tutorials of basic techniques. 


If you want to learn to quilt, or perhaps have someone in your life who wants to learn themselves, this is the perfect first project!


Get the pattern - 20% off in the shop until September 26, 2021!


Quilt Kits 


There are three kits available for this pattern!


The Cover Quilt


Kendra from Piece Fabric Co. has cover quilt kits available!


This cover quilt is made of Kona Natural and Kona Charcoal, for a softer, toned-down black and white look. 


Kits are available in Baby and Throw sizes,  and they're super affordable! It's one of my favorite things about sewing with Kona Cotton. Go grab yours now! 


Get This Kit



    Multicolor Solids


    Lindsey from Pear Tree Market tested Simple Stripes for me.


    Not only did she have excellent feedback that shaped the final pattern... she also agreed to create a quilt kit featuring her four hand-picked accent colors! 



    To me, her colors feel modern, playful, and a little bit earthy. I feel like this palette works for all seasons, too! 



    Make Simple Stripes with this kit, and you'll still be able to strip piece and follow the pattern as written. The only thing that changes is that you'll lay out your stripes in the same color order that Lindsey used! 


    Get This Kit



    Black + White with Terrazzo Backing (UK Exclusive)



    International folks seem to get left out of most of the online quilty fun. It can be really disappointing, especially when you're seeing cute fabrics and kits and they're not available to you! 


    My friend Anna over at The Hackney Quilter is on a mission to fix that for all of her fellow UK residents!


    Anna is a modern quilter with a sophisticated sense of style, and lives in London. She recently opened her own online fabric shop, which currently ships UK-only. 



    Anna agreed to kit Simple Stripes, and I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that this stunning black & white quilt, with a Cloud 9 organic cotton terrazzo backing, is available in her shop


    Anna even went above and beyond and made a sample, so you can get a good idea of what this finished quilt will look like. 


    I would highly recommend taking a peek at her site. In addition to this quilt kit, she stocks plenty of others, and offers fabric by the yard! 


    Get This Kit 


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