The Simple Stripes Quilt - Tester Quilts

The Simple Stripes Quilt - Tester Quilts

Lindsey's Simple Stripes Quilt

A throw-sized Simple Stripes Quilt from Lindsey of Pear Tree Designs Co. 


I was lucky enough to have five fabulous testers for the Simple Stripes Quilt! All of them put their own spin on this pattern. Some went bold + minimal, and others mixed things up with prints and jelly rolls!

I'll show you all of their makes below. (Plus, a bonus from a fabric shop friend who made a sample - it's super cute!) 


Simple Stripes Quilt by Amanda Lee Smith - @thequiltsmith
Simple Stripes Quilt by Amanda Lee Smith - @thequiltsmith
Simple Stripes Quilt by Amanda Lee Smith - @thequiltsmith


Amanda | The Quilt Smith | Instagram

Amanda made the Simple Stripes Quilt in Ruby Star Society's Golden Hour prints. She used a Junior Jelly Roll (20 strips) for the accent fabric, and used yardage for the background. I am SO stunned by how her quilt turned out! 

Amanda lives in Vermont, and I feel like her beautiful natural surroundings always make it into her quilty photoshoots. (She also tested the Redwood Coast Quilt for me, and you can see her work here!) Between the lush green of the woods and the gorgeous golden light, her quilt photos always make me want to move to Vermont. 

Amanda's quilts are always sweet, elegant, and earthy. I love her fabric choices! And she's the queen of hand quilting. Go follow her on Instagram if you want to see more! 


Simple Stripes Quilt by Christina Lee - @sweetpotatoquilts
Simple Stripes Quilt by Christina Lee - @sweetpotatoquilts

Christina | Sweet Potato Quilts | Instagram & Website

Christina made her Simple Stripes Baby Quilt in rich brown & light, airy blue. Isn't it beautiful?! She was working with an ombré fabric, and I love how she alternated the direction of her strips to create movement.

Christina's a pattern designer herself, and it was such a treat to have her on my tester team! She recently released her first quilt pattern, Who Let The Box Out, and she is already working on her second. 

I love her playful colors and geometric designs, and the way her enthusiasm for quilting shines through with every post + interaction! 


Simple Stripes Quilt by Angie Reece - @quiltyshug


Angie | QuiltyShug | Instagram

Angie is a sweet and wonderful human with a true talent for quilts. When she showed me her fabric pull for Simple Stripes, I was in love! Her colors are perfect for fall. She used Cotton + Steel's Dear Isla collection, and put it on a deep blue background to make it pop! 

Angie's quilts are fresh + fun, and I love seeing what she's up to on her Instagram! I think you will too! 


Simple Stripes Quilt by Amy Johnston Robertson - @amyjohnstonrobertson
Simple Stripes Quilt by Amy Johnston Robertson - @amyjohnstonrobertson
Simple Stripes Quilt by Amy Johnston Robertson - @amyjohnstonrobertson


Amy | AmyJohnstonRobertson | Instagram

Between the balloon animals and the stars, Amy's quilt really feels like a party! 

And that totally tracks with her quilting style and personality. Amy is basically the cheeriest person I've ever met. All of her quilts exude joy and bubbly energy. They're often explosions of color, bright and bold, with the occasional cheeky print thrown in. 

I absolutely LOVE what Amy did here-- I never would have thought to combine these prints, but they really are made for each other! 


Simple Stripes Quilt by Lindsey Partridge - @peartreedesignsco
Simple Stripes Quilt by Lindsey Partridge - @peartreedesignsco
Simple Stripes Quilt by Lindsey Partridge - @peartreedesignsco


Lindsey | Pear Tree Designs Co | InstagramFabric Shop

I met Lindsey, a fellow quilter and pattern designer, through a quilting bee that we are both in! And I'm so glad I did. She's been in the pattern writing game for a while, and she had some great suggestions on Simple Stripes! 

She used 4 accent colors to create an earthy, modern, and fresh version of this quilt.  

Lindsey and her sister recently opened their dream fabric fabric shop, Pear Tree Market, and generously agreed to stock kits for Simple Stripes! You can grab fabrics to make this multicolor version right here on their site!

Their shop is a brand new family business driven by a true love of quilting, so be sure to check them out! 


Simple Stripes Quilt by Anna Wraith - @thehackneyquilter
Simple Stripes Quilt by Anna Wraith - @thehackneyquilter


Anna | The Hackney Quilter | InstagramFabric Shop

My friend Anna over at the Hackney Quilter was going to kit this quilt for our UK followers. Imagine my surprise + delight when she told me she also wanted to make a sample! 

I love her version, which is a true black + white. So classic! And she's used a Cloud 9 Terrazzo print for backing, and a coordinating cornflower blue color for binding, to add some flair and freshness. 

Anna's shop is currently shipping UK-only. She's based in London, and super passionate about making sure that UK quilters get access to all of the fun fabric options that those of us stateside are used to. If you like her mission, you can support her by grabbing this quilt kit, ordering yardage, or following her journey on Instagram


Thanks for following along with this tester roundup! I absolutely love my testers, and I hope you find yourself as uplifted and inspired by their work as I do. 

And if you're looking for the Simple Stripes quilt pattern so you can make your own, you can find it here

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