My New "Bean Tote" with Aurifil Thread

My New "Bean Tote" with Aurifil Thread

A yellow canvas tote on a blue and white striped quilt.

 I made the Noodlehead Pepin Tote with Ruby Star Society's "Cool Beans" Canvas in the colorway "Cactus". I sewed it up with Aurifil 50 wt thread in Brass, color #2975. 

A yellow canvas tote bag with a bean print - close up to show topstitching detail.

This is the kind of project that just falls into your lap. 

This past season, I worked at Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley, CA. I was in the shop when a new shipment of Ruby Star Society fabrics arrived-- it was the Tomato, Tomahto collection by the brilliant Kim Kight. I instantly gravitated towards this fabric, a canvas print called "Cool Beans." I knew I'd never really wear it in a garment, but had to have it.

I took home a yard and a half and decided to turn it into a tote bag, since the one I usually carry with me was looking worn. 

Twelve large spools of Aurifil Thread. This was a welcome gift to their 2022-2023 Artisan team.

Around the same time, my Aurifil Artisan welcome package came in the mail. I'm joining the Artisan program for a second year, meaning I get to be a brand ambassador and play with all of their wonderful high-quality thread. The welcome package is filled with goodies they think you'll like-- threads in new colors and weights for you to try out. 

In mine, I found their 50 wt cotton thread in #2975, Brass. 

The folks at Aurifil know me well, and I couldn't have been happier with their thread-y gifts to me. Especially this thread-- Brass is the perfect toasty-golden-yellow-brown that I've been gravitating to in quilts and clothing for the last year. It is the perfect topstitching thread on this canvas. 

The open tote bag, with pockets on both sides of the inner lining.  

I turned my new fabric and thread into the Noodlehead Pepin Tote, which was a dream to sew up. I used black cotton webbing for the straps, Kona cotton in Natural for the lining, and a mystery half-yard of fabric from my stash to make the interior pockets. I doubled the number of interior pockets (by putting them on both sides of the tote, not just one side!) and I added a magnetic clasp to help hold the whole thing closed. Interfaced with Pellon SF101, as recommended in the pattern 

This bag has been my everyday handbag for the last couple of weeks, and I couldn't be happier with it! 

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