Inspired by Spring Flowers: Floral Embroidered Drawstring Pouches

Inspired by Spring Flowers: Floral Embroidered Drawstring Pouches

tiny floral embroidery pouches - chamomile and lavender

These bags celebrate two of my favorite medicinal herbs — lavender and chamomile. They both bloom in spring, look lovely in bouquets, and have potent medicinal properties. 

tiny embroidered drawstring pouches - lavender and chamomile

In the last couple of weeks, I stepped out of my comfort zone-- quilting-- to try out something new-- embroidery. I’ve done embroidery before, and I know all the basic stitches. But this was the first time in a long time that I did any figurative stitching. 

I’m currently an Aurifil Artisan, and Aurifil provides a monthly prompt for all of us to work on. The March 2022 prompt was “inspired by flowers,” and I knew I wanted to try something with embroidery.

tiny floral embroidery pouches - lavender and chamomile


I've been seeing and pinning lots of images of bags with delicate floral embroidery. I wanted to create my own. 

Aurifil sent me their Aurifloss embroidery floss to stitch with. I used colors 2311 Muslin, 2900 Light Kakhy Green, 2890 Very Dark Grass Green, 2135 Yellow, and 2725 Medium Blue.

tiny floral embroidered pouch - chamomile

It was my first time stitching with Aurifloss, and it was a real treat. The thread is strong, smooth, and doesn't split or break at all during use. It feels silky. The colors are brilliant, and a spool has 18 meters of floss. (Most brands offer a skein of about 8 meters, so this is more than double!)

chamomile embroidery
chamomile embroidery - reverse

I used three simple stitches to create these embroideries.

I used backstitch for stems, and the small feathery leaves of the chamomile. 

I used lazy daisy stitch (detached chain stitch) to create petals and lavender leaves. 

And I used satin stitch for the yellow chamomile flower centers. 


tiny embroidered drawstring pouch - lavender


Once the flowers were complete, I sewed the panels into tiny, lined drawstring pouches. I imagine I'll use these to store tiny things -- like jewelry or ear buds-- during travel. 

Did you enjoy these pouches? Leave me a comment below! 

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