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How to Hand Quilt Baptist Fans - DIY Tutorial and Template

  "Baptist Fans” is the name for a traditional quilting pattern. The “fans” are made of several echoed arches, and they repeat in an even, slightly overlapping pattern.     Today, I'll show you how to mark your quilt with this geometric pattern. This method is easy and low-tech, and I'm almost certain you can do it with tools you already have at home!    Make A Template     Cut a long, slim piece of cardstock. A strip of a postcard or an old cereal box works well here.      Mark 1/2” away from the edge of the strip. This will become the center, or the “anchor” of your fan shape. Then, decide how far apart you want your...

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How to Hand Quilt - Hand Quilting Basics

  There are many ways to finish a quilt, and hand-quilting is one of my favorites. Stitching your quilt together by hand is a slow and time consuming process. But it is also deeply satisfying. Hand quilting gives quilts a lovely soft, crinkly texture. And using a thicker thread for hand quilting means that your stitches are much more visible than standard machine quilting.    If you've never tried quilting by hand before, and you're wondering where to start, this post is for you!    Hand Quilting Supply List Your basted quilt Needle Thread Thimble Marking tool Embroidery scissors or thread snips   For a more detailed breakdown of how to choose your tools, check out this post.   Marking Your Quilt   ...

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Build Your Hand Quilting Toolkit

Hand quilting is such a fun way to add texture and visual interest to a quilt! I love the look and feel of it, and the process forces me to sloooow down and enjoy the time I spend sewing.   Hand quilting tools can be as simple or elaborate as you want. I've found that there are really five essential tools that I need to have in my hand quilting kit at all times. These are my go-tos. If you're new to hand quilting, I encourage you to start here!      1. Needle This is arguably your most important hand quilting tool! When you’re stitching by hand, you will want a needle that fits comfortably in your hand, is...

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